Thursday, February 07, 2013

Neutral nails


Winter is the time of year, when everyone seems to prefer darker colors. For clothes, make-up, nails,... I happen to love wearing dark colors in any season. I prefer black, brown, dark purple clothes, that´s just how i am. But for some reason i always experiment with my nail colors. In the summer i wear a lot of pink, yellow and blue colors, in the spring i am usually following the pastel trend, but in the fall and winter i like nothing more, than nudes, light browns and purples. Eventhough i am trying to force myself to not be so boring, when it comes to nail color choises, the neutrals just pull me in.
These are my top 3 nail polishes for the winter time(from left to right):

1. Deborah milano: Rose Chiffon (60)
2. Catrice Cosmetics: From Dusk Till Dawn (200)
3. Catrice Cosmetics: My Cafe Au Lait At Notre-Dame(from ultimate nudes collection)(030)

What are your current favourite nail polishes?

Lots of love

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