Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Essence All About Matt foundation

Well hello,

my love for make up started with Essence. This was the cheapest brand available in my drugstore perfect for a beginner, hungry for experimenting like me. But ever since Catrice Cosmetics came out, which is Essence sister brand, I kinda forgott all about Essence. I found the products a little better, the packaging prettier and sadly a bit more expensive. Lately I have been hearing a lot about Essence, people raving about them so I visited their stand once again.

I ran out of my current foundation so I picked up Essence All About Matt foundation. I have been using it for about two weeks and I am quite surprised with the results. It claims to be mattifying, oil-free foundation for a flawless and radiant finish that covers imperfections without clogging the pores. The formula should be long-lasting and moisturising, lasting up to 12 hours. First I thought only 12 hours? I am used to foundations and other products claiming to last up to 24 hours, which usually isn´t correct anyways.

The formula is quite liquidy, which makes it easy for application and blending. It can leave streaks. It quickly dries to Matt, silky finish, yet stays radiant. And I love it. This way I don´t have to cake on my powder. It´s quicker and looks more natural. If you have troubled skin this foundation is probably not the answer for you, as it´s light to medium coverage. It also has a quite pleasant sent, nothing too overpowering. Its a shame it only comes in three different shades. Mine is the lightest, Matt Beige or number 10. But as it dries it becomes slightly orange toned and a bit darker. If you are not too light, this should work for you. I mix it with lighter foundation to create the right shade for me. The mattifying effect stays on surprisingly long. It feels light on the skin, perfect for everyday use.


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