Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Catrice Cosmetics: All Round Concealer Palette

Well hello,

I have been passing by this product for a while. But lately my dark under eye circles have been bothering me more and more. I haven't heard any good reviews about this one but I couldn´t seem to find anything similar in the drugstore. So I decided to give it a go.

This compact concealer comes in 5 shades. Three beige tones for concealing blemishes, a green shade to counteract redness and lastly a pink shade to hide the dark under eye circles. First I want to mention that the formula is quite creamy, It slightly melts from the warmth of the hands. I find it quite sheer but buildable to some extent. However I wouldn't use it on the blemishes. But it works as an under eye concealer. Between three beige shades the middle one suits me the best, the lightest one is just a bit too light, It will definitely suit light complexion. The darkest one is a bit too dark, perhaps I can use it in the summer time. The one thing great about having these three shades is that you can mix them and create a shade that works for you.

I actually like the green shade. I think it works quite well. I use it on my blemishes to reduce the redness and I put foundation on top. If I´m still not satisfied with coverage I ad some thicker concealer, right now I am using Bourjois Healthy mix concealer, which I love.

I am pretty sure the pink shade should be more salmon and not as pink, but my under eye circles are pretty dark so I guess it works this way too. I can definitely see a difference, but it is probably not the best out there.

This concealer palette comes in a compact plastic packaging, which makes it perfect for travel. And as all the other Catrice Cosmetics products it is very affordable. The product itself is decent, but nothing too crazy. It is not one of those products you just have to have, but good for the beginners to try out.

What do you think about this palette?



  1. I have been eyeing this for a while! :) Great review x

    1. Thank you, Leia. If you do decide to buy it, let me know how you like it. xx