Saturday, February 08, 2014

Catrice Cosmetics Crushed crystals nail polish review

Well hello,

I am not the biggest fan of glitter nail polishes, especially because they are really hard to remove. And I don´t really like the fact that they are basically clear polish with one or two glitters in it. But then I saw crushed crystals from Catrice and couldn´t resist.

It´s a special nail polish for a unique sand effect and it has ultimate coverage with sparkling rough finish. Basically it is nail polish filled with different glitter parts and sparkles that cover your whole nail. The different glitters really make it special.

I chose the color 04 - Oyster and Champagne. It has white and gold fine sparkles and rosy bigger glitter parts. It all looks very elegant. Its one of those special yet subtle colors. So it works on everyday occasions as well as for party's and such. It also changes color a bit if you add a different color polish underneath. I used a light pastel orange and  it looked so cute. Also only one coat is necessary. And it barely chips at all. Great for all of as who are too lazy to keep reapplying nail polish.

I really hope they keep this in a permanent range and add new shades. Right now I only saw three shades. Mine, pink and grey. But those two didn´t look to special to me. These ones are a bit more expensive then the rest of the nail polishes. They are about 3,50 Euros. I really recommend them. You definitely should pick them up.

Have you tried these? Any thoughts?



  1. This is a lovely glitter nail polish, they can sometimes be a bit of a disappointment but not this one :-)

    1. I agree! This one is really special. I hope they come out with lots more. ;) x

  2. Glam-glam. Beautiful colour.

    1. It really is. I´m in love. Ha ha ;) x