Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter Lipstick choices

from left to right: Kinda Sexy, Brave, Mehr, 497
Well hello,

Winter time has to be my favourite time for wearing lipsticks. It seems to be the only season when you can pull off all kinds of shades, from soft and romantic nudes all the way to vampy and mysterious dark shades. I happen to love nudes the most, but this winter I found myself reaching for mostly purple shades. I kept my four faves in the rotation and I will share them with you today. They are all pretty similar, yet completely different at the same time.

1. MAC - Mehr (Matte)

    The first one is probably my favourite one. I´s the perfect mix between raspberry and purple color. And what I love the most about this one, that it is completely Matte finish. Still, it feels pretty moisturising on the lips and it last for a very long time.

2. MAC - Brave (Satin)

    This one is actually pretty similar shade to the Mehr lipstick, so if you own one you probably don´t need the  other. However, this one is true purple shade and the Satin finish ads a bit of a shine. It´s also very long lasting.

3. Art Deco - 497 (High Performance Lipstick)

    I am actually not sure if this one is a part of permanent collection, still it is one of my faves so I just had to include it. It happens to differ from the rest in finish and color. It is extremely glossy and it feels quite buttery on the lips. Its pretty pigmented, but looks a bit darker than in the tube.

    Kinda Sexy has been one of my favorites for a long time. It´s a darker nude with a slight coral tone. (on the lips it actually looks lighter than in the tube or swatched) It is Matte but doesn´t feel drying on the lips, however it might settle in the fine lines. You can rock this one for any occasion in any season.

from left to right: Kinda Sexy, Brave, Mehr, 497

I hope you enjoyed my picks. Let me know which shade has been your number one choice this winter time?



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