Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ruling Red

Well hello,

every once in a while I find a nail polish that I instantly fall in love with. And I end up reapplying it week after week, completely forgetting about the other nail polishes from my collection. And as I mentioned before here on my blog I have a bit more than just a few.
My latest love in the nail polish department happens to be Catrice Cosmetics Ruling Red nail polish from the Limited Edition LALA BERLIN FOR CATRICE Collection. If I´m not mistaken it  is not available anymore, but since it´so beautiful I just had to share it.

It is a Matte finish deep Bloody red shade. I really like this kind of shades, but I never wear them because they stain my nails and are so hard to remove. This one is not like that at all. Very opaque, one coat is all that it takes. It really surprised me. I usually spend a lot time working on my nails, mostly waiting for the polish to dry before applying the new one. With this nail polish you apply one coat that dries really quickly and can move on with your day. And another great thing - it doesn´t chip for days. Surprising since it´s just one coat and without a top coat. I really wish I picked up more shades from this collection.
Another thing I really like is the packaging. It is so simple yet elegant looking.


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