Friday, September 20, 2013

Essence STAYS no matter what eyeliner pen


Well hello again,

A few months back in my current favourites blog post I mentioned my obsession with a particular eyeliner pen from Bourjois. I didn´t have a negative thing to say about it with exception of the fact that it was too expensive. Just a little bit. Especially for a product that runs out in a couple of months and you have to keep purchasing it over and over again. Don´t get me wrong. I still thing it is a best drugstore eyeliner pen, but the one I just found comes very close.

Recently I purchased a new product from Essence called STAYS no matter what eyeliner pen. When it comes to Essence you just never know if a product is going to be amazing or a disaster. But with their low prices I am willing to take a risk. And that´s exactly what I did this time.

This eyeliner is suppose to be waterproof but I don´t think it is. The other day while watching a touching movie let´s say I shed a tear and it did smudge a little bit. But that really is the only bad thing about it. The formula is great, it dries fairly quickly and it doesn´t move at all throughout the day. It claims to stay on up to 24 hours. I don´t know about that but it really is long lasting. I'm not sure if these come in other shades, mine is in 01 Midnight black, which is a true black. The tip is quite thin so it is very suitable for a winged line.

What is your favourite Essence product? Let me know.


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