Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mac Ravishing lipstick

Well hello,

I have an exciting post for you today, well at least I am excited. After a lot of thinking and lusting over Mac lipsticks I can finally hold one in my hands. There are no Mac stores in my area so having a chance to actually go in a store, see and try them for myself I naturally had to jump to the opportunity. On Monday I went on a little trip to Budapest with my family and hopped in the Mac store. I have been checking out all the Mac lipstick videos, collections, swathes, reviews,...and I almost chose The one I really want.

Stepping into the store I immediately went to the lipstick area, knowing that even looking at any other products would be too tempting. What can I say, I am weak! I started swatching them on my hands and naturally I was in an even bigger predicament. I couldn't stop smiling and I got a few dirty looks from the Mac girls. But still I was on a mission and I couldn´t care less.

With my resent love for coral lipsticks my attention immediately went to coral lipstick. Oddly enough this one was actually the one I knew I wanted to get (I just wasn´t absolutely sure). So it was a match made in haven. Even though I was torn between a few lipsticks I ended up choosing Ravishing. It is a Creemsheen formula, so it is quite moisturising. Now, this is my first Mac lipstick, so I can´t really compare it to any other but I have to say I am very impressed. It is the perfect shade of coral,  not too orange. It just ads a little pop of color, which is perfect for someone who is not so daring with lip color choices. And it stays on a lot longer than I expected, even though it is a Creamsheen finish.

I hope you enjoyed my little embarrassing Mac store story. I hope there will be more in the future (because I want more lippies, ha ha).


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