Friday, February 08, 2013

Best of 2012 - Face

Hello gorgeous!

I know it is a bit late, but i tought i would share my favourite beauty products of 2012. I am going to devide them in different categories: Eyes, face, and lips+nails. But first here is a little sneak peek ;)

So the first categorie will be face products. My favourite foundation for the past year has been  Infinite MATT foundation from Catrice Cosmetics, which has without a doubt become my favourite drugstore brand - its cheap and effective! Anyway,  the foundation states, that it lasts for up to 18 hours. Now, i never had it on for that long, but i have to say, that the staying power is amazing, it lasts thoughout the day. It stays matt, so i never had to repowder. Simply said, it is an amazing foundation.

Next fave face product has to be Mac studio finish concealer. Last year i had a lot of problems with my skin and this concealer has helped me trough it. It is quite thick consistency, so i don´t recommend it for your under eyes dark circles, because i find, that it creases easily. But for blemishes, it is the best concealer that i tried so far.

My next product is also concealer. it is in a more liquid form, so it is perfect for smaller imperfections on your face, but also for under eye circles. It is from the brand called Misslyn, which is a new brand in my drugstore. And so far i like it. I usually used one or the other concealer, but sometimes the combination of the two.

My favourite powder has been Manhattans Soft Compact Powder in the color Vanille (nbr. 8). And if you can´t tell i just hit pan on it, because i had been using it all the time.

I really love bronzers, especially the Essence Bronzing Compact Powder in I love to be matt. It just works for me. Eventhough it is a bit on the orange side, i make it work. haha

And the last but not least, is my Catrice Cosmetics blush duo in Apricot smoothie. I especially like the orange side, because it warms my face, without making it seem TOO MUCH, if you know what i am trying too say. :)

It is safe to say i will definitely repurchase these products.

Have you tried any of these products? what are your thoughts?

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