Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nivea BB cream review

Well Hello there,

BB creams have made quite an impact in the makeup world and are a must for this summertime. Everyone is impressed and a little obsessed (haha, didn´t mean to rhyme) and of course I caved in to the pressure. A while ago I decided to try out this raved about product and here are my thoughts.

I wasn´t really picky so I ended up picking the first that I saw. I bought the Nivea BB cream in the shade light. They come in two other shades, medium and dark. I thought it would be perfect for the summer, when I don´t really like to wear makeup, because I practically live in the water during the summer. At the time light coverage, moisturising BB cream seamed like the right choice. Even though I think they are well overpriced, but what isn´t these days, am I right?

As mentioned before I got the lightest shade available, which ended up being not so light at all. I guess it is meant for tanned skin, but it just didn´t work for my pale skin. Plus it has red undertones, which makes the skin look burned, not tanned. As you can imagine, I am not very happy about that. The smell is really nice though, it has that nice Nivea cream scent. On the skin it feels very light and it moisture's the skin, but It doesn't absorb well which leaves the skin look too glowy, oily even. And I tried adding a little powder, but It doesn´t make much difference.

And the last thing that I am bothered with is coverage. It is light, but it does not cover any blemishes, it rather emphasize them and it makes the skin look awful. My skin is quite clear, but using this BB cream it looks terrible. I never thought I would say this, but I would rather go out without any makeup and that says something.

Even though I hoped it would make wonders It really let me down. And it was quite expensive too. I don´t like the color, formula of this product and neither the feel on the skin. I am sad to say I actually regret purchasing this product and I kinda lost hope in BB creams.

I probably should research about the BB creams before buying, so lesson learned. Still me disliking this product (a lot!) doesn´t mean it won´t work for you. I might try it again after I get a tan and I will update you on that. If you try it let me know how it goes.

My grade: 1/5 hearts



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