Friday, July 26, 2013

Dot Dot Dot

 Well Hello,

I don´t really like nail art, well I like it, just not on me for some reason. But every once in a while I like to spice up my nails with some easy and quick nail art. Usually I take out my dotting tool and keep on dotting. This time was noting different. I bought this Catrice Cosmetics nail polish in Walk The Lime about a month ago, fell in love with it at first sight and I haven´t used any other nail polish since. The color is unique, bright and just beautiful. It is clearly my favourite nail polish this summer. However after about three months it was starting to get a bit boring. When I like something I wear it non stop. It is the same with my music. When I like a song I keep it on Re-peat-peat-peat until I don´t like it anymore. haha. So I thought adding something in the mix will freshen it up, make it more special. And it did just that. It´s nothing too special, but special enough. Which is you´re favourite nail polish for the summer? Let me know.


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