Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer review

I have been dying to try Rimmel apocalips lip lacquers for a while, so i am so happy that i finally got the chance. Before i tell you what i think about it, i have to tell you i absolutely despise lip glosses. I hate the tackiness, ugh. Hate it. But hearing all those good things and reviews, it really made me curious. And i am so glad i went for it. I picked the color Celestial (101).

I absolutely love this product. It has AMAZING pigmentation. The colors are very vibrant and the color selection is pretty decent. It is also long lasting. The application is easy and quick. Even tough it is very similar to lip glosses it is not tacky. It has a certain smell, but i can´t say i love or hate it. I like the packaging, it is different, cute and convenient.

I love it! :)

Grade: 5/5 hearts


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