Saturday, March 02, 2013

15 hair care tips

 Well hello!

Ever since i bleached my hair to achieve ombre style, i looked for ways to repair the damage. Browsing on the Internet, flipping trough the magazines, consulting my hair stylist i learned a lot. Here are some of the easiest tips to make you're hair healthy again.

  1. Don´t wash your hair everyday, instead try using dry shampoo or baby powder on the second day  
  2. Shampoo twice
  3. Always use conditioner after shampooing
  4. Apply conditioner on damp, not dripping wet hair 
  5. When brushing hair, start at the ends and work your way up, this way you prevent hair pulling
  6. Use hair masks at least once a week
  7. Don´t use hair masks to often, it will weight down your hair
  8. If you plan on straightening your hair, let them air dry, don´t use heat twice
  9. When straightening hair make sure you use highest temperature (it is a lot more damaging if you use lower setting  and go over your hair multiple times)
  10. Before using heat always apply heat protecting spray.
  11. Trim your hair once every 2-3 months, to prevent hair splits and hair thinning
  12. Use hair oils on ends,  oil seals the ends and prevents them from splitting
  13. Don´t wear your hair in a ponytail too often (ponytail weakens the hair and also makes  your hair get oily faster)
  14. Don´t make your ponytail too tight
  15. If you choose to color your hair, chose temporary hair dye, it is a lot less damaging and if you change your mind or don´t like it anymore, you don´t have to grow them out or bleach them

Hope you found these tips useful.



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