Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Products i regret buying

Firstly i want to apologize for the dirtiness of the products, i was using them for a long time, trying to like them. But i finally gave up :(


- Hair Repair mask
  As i mentioned before in my hair story post, before i found miracle worker -Macadamia deep repair mask i tried out many other hair products. I bought this hair mask, because it contained Argan oil, which is very healthy for your hair, and it was relatively cheap. It promised a lot, but after couple of months i still didn´t see any improvements. I was very disappointed.

- Bourjois flower perfection foundation
  This foundation made me hate the Bourjois brand. It made my skin look cakey, dry and just awful. And it also transferred to my clothes. Everything foundation shouln´t do. And i really tried to like it. Big DISAPPOINTMENT!

- Essence Black mania eyeliner pen
  I really like the idea behind this eyeliner, but Essence really failed. The tip has no pigmentation, so it is impossible to make a thin line. Not good, essence!

- Bourjois lipstick in Beige elegant (41)
  This was my first nude lipstick. Before i bought it, i tried it on the back of my hand and it looked really nice. But on the lips you can only see shimmer. And i hate shimmery lips. Beside the awful pigmentation, staying power is also bad. After a while it disappears, but leaves a line, that you can´t get off. It really looks bad.

- Essence eyeshadow in Safari lounge (30)
  I like Essence eye shadows, but this one is one big miss! The same as the Bourjois lipstick, it has no pigmentation, just shimmer. It looks nothing like in the container. False advertisement! HAHA

Do you have similar experience with these?
Let me know

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