Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Catrice Cosmetics Infinite Shine Lip gloss

Well hello,

I might have mentioned this before but I don´t really like wearing lip glosses. Which is ironic, because when I was little I always sported clear lip gloss and it was actually my first makeup product I have ever bought. I just don´t like the stickiness and the feel on the lips. However, I really like wearing nude lipsticks which sometimes need a small coat of lip gloss to make them wearable, especially the lightest ones.

For that purpose I picked up the Catrice Cosmetics Infinite Shine Lip gloss. The name pretty much says it all. It is extremely shiny formula, almost wet looking. On the lips it feels very light and most important it doesn´t feel sticky. The applicator is quite small but effective. The color I have chosen is 030 Rose, Would You...which is a nice nude, rosy color. This one is shimmer free and quite sheer. It adds just enough color to the lips to pull the look together. Ia actually pretty like this one. I am still not the biggest fan of lip glosses but I quite enjoy using this one. Hope this helps.


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