Thursday, January 24, 2013

My beauty Wishlist

Hello pretty!

Even though christmas is over and my wallet is empty after all the shopping, i can´t help but think about new beauty products i want to get my hands on. Now, most of the products i really, really want is kind of unreachable, because they don´t sell them in my country :( but everyone can dream, right?

The first item on my wishlist is probably also on a wishlist of every make-up lover. I am talking about the Urban Decay Naked palette. The colors look amazing, especially because i like wearable earth toned colors. Plus it would be great to have a palette, that i could take everywhere with me and i could make many different looks with.

In the beggining of last year i fell in love with bronzers and contouring ( i blame youtube! haha), and when i saw Benefits Hoola bronzer i knew, it has to be mine. One day...

Last year i also discovered, that i love lipsticks. That came as a surprise, but here we are. I really want to try MAC´s Hue lipstick. And also in the spirit of lips...i would also like to try Eos lipbalm. It looks very cute and i heard a lot of great things about it. Especially in the cold weather it is a must :)

The last thing on my beauty wishlist is a drugstore fundation from Revlon, Colorstay Foundation. I have seen this in the local drugstores, but for some reason i always kept my distance. I am slowly running out of my current Catrice Cosmetics foundation (that i Love, btw), so maybe i will give it a try.

What is on your Wishlist????

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