Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IQ Make-up Brushes

Well hello,

you rarely see me blog about make-up brushes, because I have been using the same ones for ages. Around last Christmas time I found myself cruising around make-up brushes, because I got them for my sister as a present. And as a true shopaholic you know I had to get some for myself as well. And I am happy i did so.

I decided to pick up IQ Powder brush and a Blush Brush. I found these at Austrian drugstore called Bipa if anyone is interested. These brushes are your typical blush and powder brushes, but what sold me on them was their amazing softness. They are duo fiber brushes, easy to clean and take care off and they don´t shed at all. Also the price for these is very affordable.

Blush Brush is significantly smaller and can be used for applying and blending out blush, contouring, bronzing, you name it. The fibers are quite short and angled, fitted perfectly for hollows of the cheeks. It is not very dense, which allows blending, but definitely dense enough and more than the powder brush. Powder brush has longer fibers and it´s quite flat. It is meant for applying powder allover the face for mattyfying or setting your make-up, but not suited for applying liquid foundation.

The quality of both of these brushes is very good and they are available for a great price. I don´t remember how much they were exactly, but they were quite cheap for sure. I hope you try them out, you won´t regret it. If you know of similar brushes please do share. What brand  brushes are you using currently?



  1. Great review. I haven't really heard of these brushes before. It's nice to see reviews of new products.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. Thanks Shiny, you have, Ha ha. You should try them out and let me know how you like them :) Have a nice day xx