Friday, May 10, 2013

Where have I been?

Hello beautiful,

the month of April had it´s ups and downs, so when spring break finally came around, I took full advantage of it. I took a break from blogging, thinking, studying...everything. I spend most days with my friends and family. We had karaoke day, movie marathons, shopping sprees, picnics, simply said we had lots of fun. We enjoyed good music and good food. And I really needed it.

This past week I was in the university studio for the first time, where we spend all day, taking photos of professional models. It made me really happy, because I love photography and it finally seams that I am taking action and learning about yet another one of my passions. It is a really small studio, but still effective. I took some pictures of the set.

Now there is a lot of work still ahead of me, exams, photoshoots, sewing, presentations,....but I love doing it all so it isn´t so bad. Also I am really excited for summer, as it is getting warmer and warmer. Hope you had fun in your spring break. But now it is time to get back to work. There are many more blog posts coming your way, so stay tuned. I will talk to you soon, bye :)



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